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Myopia Control
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Myopia Control

      More and more kids become nearsightedness, Glasses wearing and aggressive changes of Rx  make parents worried a lot.


      Strong family history of Myopia, poor reading habit, and early age of onset can sometimes lead to very high myopia and the kids may even develop retinal problems later in their lives.


      There are some natural ways can help kids remain good ocular health, like eating healthy food, develop good reading habit and proper eye relaxations.


      There are also four proven and effective medical methods for slowing down the myopia progression,

1. Multi focal or Bifocal Eyeglasses – Studies have shown that wearing a different prescription for distance and near viewing is helpful for children with esophoria. This condition involves an inward deviation of the eye because of extra ocular muscle imbalance. This method has proven to be a viable alternative to contacts or eye drops.

2. Atropine Eye Drops – Several studies have found atropine eye drops to be effective in reducing the progression of myopia. Patients apply the eye drops once a day. Atropine eye drops can also be used together with bifocal eyeglasses to further enhance the myopia control effect.

3. Distance Center Multi focal Soft Contact Lenses – These contact lenses are similar to typical soft contact lenses; however, they have an optical “trick” in the center of the lens that can slow down the progression of myopia. This method is becoming more popular, but there are only two brands of lenses available at this point. The Myopia Institute recommends consulting your eye doctor to find out which brand is best for your needs. MiSight lenses is currently most popular in Canada. 

4. Orthokeratology – Orthokeratology or corneal reshaping therapy is a method requiring patients to wear specially designed lenses before they sleep. These lenses gently reshape their cornea, correcting the patient’s vision. This effect lasts all day, but is temporary, so the patient needs to wear their Ortho-K lenses each night before they go to sleep.

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